S&P collapsed as predicted

On 5th December 2018, we have posted a free prediction in our website wherein we have mentioned “S&P is bound to fall after 11th of December ” & we got that .

In last 2 weeks we saw one of the largest fall in USA Stock indices . S&P after making a high of 2685.44 on 12th December was crashed to 2408.55 on 21st December. There was straight fall of around 280 points in S&P. We were short @2673 with downside target of 2424.35 & this trade easily fetched a profit of $12000.00 in each contract of S&P in span of just 2 weeks .

This is not magic, this is pure mathematics. This is what mathematics can do. Mathematics is the only science which can tell us in advance what is expected to happen in financial market in coming weeks & months. To have more idea about relationship of mathematics & financial market, you may google “James Simon”. Sir James Simon is owner of world’s most successful hedge fund, a legendary mathematician who became world’s 24th richest person by applying mathematics in financial market.

This week along with s&p our focus is on Oil,Sugar & Copper. For more details please see our flagship publication “Weekly Market Forecast Newsletter” released every Sunday.

Wishing you happy & profitable week.

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