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Welcome to “SA” Market Forecaster

It started in July, 1999.

The results of Chartered Accountancy (ICAI) Examinations were declared & by gods grace

I cleared out the Group II Of the FINAL examinations. Previous year I completed my bachelors degree in Commerce with honours from the Bhawanipur Education Society College of Kolkata, India. Though I was a student of Chartered Accountancy, I had least interest in audit & accounts. Our family business was of trading (supply of materials) to tea estates which was looked after by my father & elder brothers but I was not also interested in the family business. I wanted to do something innovative and to do something innovative we have to learn something New. With the hope of seeing a new world & to learn something new, i decided not to pursue the profession of chartered accountancy & I started to explore various possible opportunities.

At the same time entire world was talking about Dotcom Bubble which was soon followed a major stock market crash & there I first came in Contact with the financial market.

What attracted me most were the continuous changes in the prices Of stocks & commodities. I remember the days when prices use to change More than 10-20 times a day & I asked myself why so many changes? Is it manipulated? Who is controlling these prices? Demand & supply or Something else? Is it possible to forecast these change in prices? Lot of questions started Rolling in my mind. And that was the beginning of the “sacred science of predictio” in my life.

I started my study but silently. Everything was in infant stage. I was introducing myself to the Sacred science of prediction. I started reading various books Available on the subject, purchased various software. In this process I Travelled to many places, I met various scholars, I procured various Reports provided by other scholars who were doing similar research and after many years of detailed study and research I was able to convince myself that financial market is predictable and everything happening in this universe is based on highest mathematical principles.

I tried my research on various stocks and commodities and results Were extremely encouraging. In initial years I shared my knowledge With my friends, families and other known person they liked my work But the toughest part was to convince them that financial market can be predicted. Even my family members were not convinced by my idea. I Had tough time establishing my idea and even now it is equally Tough to convince new people that stock and commodity market can be Predicted with highest accuracy.

The “science of prediction” is mainly based on the principle that Entire universe is following a rhythm. We can call this a “Natural rhythm” and this natural rhythm is already predefined & based On highest mathematical principles. Stock & commodity market is not Beyond the scope of this natural rhythm.

Everything has its own rhythm. Animals have their own rhythm, we Human being have our own rhythm, countries economic condition has its Own rhythm. The same is applicable to stock & commodity market also. For example commodity Gold has its own rhythm. Rhythm means it is already predefined that on a specific date gold prices are expected to fall or rise, if it rises how much & if it falls by how much shall fall. Now if we can identify the rhythm which is being followed by gold then we can predict the gold prices. Everything may sound simple but in reality it is a complicated process to identify the rhythm of any stock or commodity or currency.

A forecasters predictions will be more accurate if she or he is able to identify the rhythm with more accuracy, more precise the Identification more accurate the prediction. To identify the rhythm, We take the help of different other available sciences of which Important ones are ancient mathematics, astrophysics, astronomy, natural Cycles & ancient geometry.

I genuinely feel that even a lifetime is a less to learn the divine Science of prediction completely & I consider myself as a student of This divine science of prediction. That is why we never claim that we Are 100% correct. But probably more right than wrong. Thank you for your interest in our services.

Wishing you a happy & profitable trading

Anoop Kumar Agarwal
Founder & CEO

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