2 most important letters in Alphabet “S” & ‘P”

Pay special attention to S&P

It’s trading now @2796.25, Today’s projected high is 2804.62, Weekly projected high is 2798.50, July’s Monthly projected high is 2805.88, Fortnightly projected high is 2810.

As we can see that immediately 2798.50-2810 is the most important price window for s&p (September future)

if we look at the weekly newsletter, trend analysis is indicating that uptrend is ending as early as by first half of day of 11th July 2018

So time and price both reconfirming that we may see a strong short lived strong down move as soon as s&p September future hits the price window of 2797-2810 ideally by first half of day of 11th July shorting s&p September future @2797-2810 with strict tight stop above 2814 on day closing basis with downside target of 2730.75 can easily fetch a profit of $3500 in each contract.

If I am not wrong S&P September future is bound to fall as low as 2748.50 as early as by 18th July 2018

In any case last week of July -first week of August can bring a strong down move in s&p

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