1. Please refer the message sent on *10th July* wherein we mentioned “in any case last week of July -first week or August should bring a strong down move in s&p”

2. On *18th July* we have sent you a message wherein we mentioned “ S&P(ideally all the major global stock indices )is bound to see sharp fall *BETWEEN* 26th- 30th July 2018 (& I won’t be surprised if this down move is extended till first week of August,2018 )World’s no power can stop this upcoming fall”

3. On *24th July* we updated “68% rise is coming up in VIX (volatility index of S&P)ViX currently trading @11.76.Go long in ViX now @11.66 or latest by first half of 26th July whichever comes earlier with upside target of 19.60 by 9th August . I am expecting atleast 68% rise in ViX between 26th July -9th August 2018. Your money will be multiplied by atleast 6 times within 15 days if you buy call options of VIX expiring after 9th August 2018

4. On *25th July* we updated “Last and final opportunity to go short in S&p.Immediately S&p September won’t be able to go above 2848.05. Go short now around @2833 (ideally @2845) (+/-1 point ) stop loss 2848.05 target 2738”

*Next two weeks* are extremely important for global stock indices . Be prepared

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