“Gold” & NUMBER “9”

If you check all our previous weekly newsletters , you will see more than 3 months ago when gold was trading @$1366, we have repeatedly mentioned in all our weekly newsletters that GOLD is bound to fall to $1224 and we got that . We not only nailed the high in time and price both but we precisely got the down-side target of $1224.
Why the price level of $1224 (1+2+2+4=9) is the most important level for gold (XAU/USD) ?
What is number 9 ?
What is the significance of number 9 for gold ?
if you check further you will see in all our weekly newsletters, we have clearly mentioned that after $1224, the next downside target in Gold is $1036, why?
Why I have repeatedly mentioned that 29th June 2018 was one of the key date of this decade (2011-2020) ?
For details please see our Gold Annual forecast e-book 2018, wherein we give you day-wise trend forecast of Gold for entire 2018, we give you the top bottom analysis of gold of year 2018, so you know in advance when the gold is expected to make important high and low , we give you the projected high & low of gold of year 2018, so you know how high and low gold can go in year 2018
Next 2 weeks till 3rd August 2018 is very very important for precious metals, specially for silver. Be prepared
Best wishes
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