Can silver fall to $10.80 ?

Silver is trading now @15.41

Is it going to fall to $15 or $14 or $13 ?

If I say silver can fall to $10.80

Yes you read it right, as mentioned today morning silver has entered into danger zone and I won’t be surprised if silver falls to$10.80 in fact I won’t be surprised if silver falls much below  but you will be dangerously trapped if you short silver now . There is a time and place for everything and we all including the financial markets need to follow it . In fact every single event we see and experience in this universe is following the same law of nature.

If you check our last prediction of silver you will see we just nailed it and if I am not wrong this time also we will catch it right on time .

To know the exact date of this collapse of silver to $10.80 ,see our silver annual forecast e-book-2018 wherein we give you the daywise trend forecast of silver for entire year in advance with unbelievable accuracy , along with daywise trend forecast we also give you the top bottom analysis of silver of entire 2018 so you know in advance ,the exact time windows where the silver will make important high and low in 2018 , along with daywise trend forecast and top bottom analysis we also give you projected low and high of silver of year 2018

“Millionaires don’t use astrology but billionaires do “ – JP Morgan, ( the first billionaire of United States of America )

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