The “Oil” Trap

In last 1 week we have received more than 600 queries from all around the globe after we rightly predicted the down and up move of crude oil in the month of May and June .

Oil is trading now around $74 and in case you are expecting that oil is moving towards $100 or $90 , you are wrong and you will be dangerously trapped in case you are long . And in case you are short , you will massively regret that you exited the long position too early . We are right in the middle of an “Oil Trap”

Very soon an excellent opportunity is coming up in oil . We have already intimated all our subscribers the exact date time and price to enter in oil with target price and date .

This is the trade where you can make your fortune with highest peace of mind . I must tell you that oil options are extremely liquid and they move fast ,very fast . If you are able to catch this trade , your money should be multiplied at least 12 times in less than 1 & half months time .

Best wishes

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